Kitsap County Clerk’s Office

Clerk’s Online Records Access (CORA)

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all subscribers to the Kitsap County Clerk’s CORA application for accessing imaged Kitsap County Superior Court documents held by the Clerk of the Court:
1. Only publicly accessible documents are available on CORA.
2. The user name and password issued to the subscriber are for use only by the subscriber and/or his/her office assigned legal assistant/staff member and will not be shared with any other attorney or legal assistant/staff member in or out of the attorney’s firm.
3. The images retrieved to view through CORA are accurate images of the documents resident in the Clerk’s records. However, their authenticity can only be guaranteed in the view format. There is no guarantee as to any document’s authenticity once the image is saved, printed, or transmitted to another location where it ultimately could be subject to manipulation or alteration.
4. While these images represent all the documents within the electronic case file as of the time of viewing, there is always the possibility that a very recently filed document may not yet be in the case file. This is due to the small amount of lag time between a paper document being filed with the Clerk and the time needed to image, process, and make that paper document available for viewing as an electronic image.
5. These documents are not to be altered in any way if after that alteration they are to be portrayed as a true and accurate representation of the original document in possession of the Clerk.
6. These documents are only for use of the attorney subscriber and his/her client.
7. There is no right to pass on or resell these documents, lists of documents, or statistical/census type information to any other party, commercial or private, other than for normal use in representing the client or to pass on a reasonable and fair cost to the subscriber’s client for the attorney’s subscription to the CORA service.
8. The subscriber will notify the Kitsap County Clerk’s Office immediately should the subscriber retrieve a sealed document including documents sealed pursuant to GR22 to which the subscriber would be otherwise entitled or a document from a case type 5, 6, or 7 file, while using the CORA service.
9. If any of the foregoing terms and conditions is knowingly violated, the subscriber will be subject to immediate revocation of access to CORA.
By subscribing to and entering this program I agree to all the Terms and Conditions above.